AGACAD Tools4Revit Suite

Discover a better, faster way of working in Autodesk® Revit®. This suite of leading Revit extensions has your needs in mind, saving you lots of time on tasks that can be done automatically.

Both standalone and network license types of software licenses are available.

Why is it worth buying the T4R Suite?

Paid Apps

Create intelligent legends in Revit that you can update with one click.

Automatically add dimensions to chosen elements, join isolated dimensions in a chain, etc.

Import MS Excel spreadsheets into Revit projects, including style settings.

Automate work in Revit with rooms, spaces, and area-measurement rules.

Create and manage large numbers of sheets based on templates and sorting results.


Quickly manage walls and joins in Revit, insert gravity points, split walls by grids, and more.


Cope trusses and beams with one click by types of connection or intersection.


Renumber any Revit elements and grids precisely the way you want.


Calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, and foundation slabs in a Revit project.

Free Apps

Create and edit holes wherever ducts, pipes, cable trays, or conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, or ceilings.

Find families in external libraries on your computer or server, check their types and parameters, view them in 2D or 3D, then drag-and-drop to add elements to your project.

Select room/space elements by category, family or type, and network elements for any pipe or duct; plus a custom filter. No more manual repetition or missed elements!

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