AGACAD BIM Solutions Panel Packer

Powerful Revit® toolkit for packing wood and light-gauge steel prefab panels

Panel Packer is a powerful solution for Revit® for sorting, packing & loading prefabricated building components. Organizing truck loads and stacks of pre-assembled wall, roof, and floor panels is easy with Panel Packer.

Users of AGACAD’s Wood Framing and Metal Framing BIM software can complete the full design & production cycle – from Revit modeling and framing all the way through to packing. The easy-to-navigate UI and simple yet efficient functionality allows for thorough planning and prepping before on-site building assembly commences.

       Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2022, 2021, 2020

  • Stack all project elements, from wall, floor, and roof assemblies to individual structural framing members
  • Organize items by predefined truck load size or in standalone stacks
  • Setup, save, and reuse packing configurations
  • Convenient use of color coding and unique naming ensure accuracy and precision
  • Optimize packing by organizing panels into bundles based on desired parameters and specifications
  • Freely define stacking location in relation to building site
  • Create drawings for packed panels indicating parameters, size, and location
  • Organize stacks, truck loads, and bundles by project phase and construction sequence
  • Interface is easy to use, even for users with little previous experience

Ideal for:

Architects, structural engineers, builders, manufacturers, and other construction industry professionals dealing with prefabricated building components. Panel Packer allows users to efficiently pack pre-assembled wall, floor, and roof panels.

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