Family Type Exporter

Introducing FAMILY TYPE EXPORTER: Revolutionize your Revit Family Workflow!
Family Type Exporter is a game-changing Revit add-in that empowers users to take control of their Type Catalog parameters like never before. Say goodbye to manual parameter sorting and tedious exports, and say hello to efficiency, accuracy, and seamless organization of Type Catalogs.


Key Features:

1. Customizable the order of your Type Catalog parameters: Enjoy the freedom to arrange your parameters in the exact order you need. 

2. Batch Select Required Parameters: With just a single click, select all the required parameters for a Type Catalog and effortlessly exclude any irrelevant ones.

3. Nested Families Inclusion: Easily manage nested families in your Type Catalog. Export nested families to a summary Excel file for easy tracking and management.

4. Efficient Parameter Data Investigation: Quickly investigate parameter data conditions with intuitive tools. Make informed decisions and optimize your projects.

5. Export API Data to Excel: Seamlessly export API data to Excel for detailed analysis and reporting. Stay in control of your family data.

6. Reliable Type Catalog Backup: Create secure backups of your Type Catalogs, ensuring data integrity and peace of mind.

7. International Parameter Support: Family Type Exporter works flawlessly with any international parameters, catering to diverse project needs.  Exporting in UTF-16 LE .txt format ensures that special language characters are correctly handled, providing precise representation in your exports.

Empower yourself with enhanced control, automation, and data management capabilities. Increase productivity, accuracy, and project success with this essential add-in.

Upgrade your Revit experience with Family Type Exporter today and take your projects to new heights!


  • Family information at glance
  • Single Click selection of all required Type Catalog parameters.
  • Group, Sort, and Filter all parameters with interactive data grid.
  • Select any parameters in the order you require.
  • Works with all approved language characters. 
  • Export API data to an Excel document for quick reference.
  • Include Nested Families in your Type Catalogs.
  • Create timestamped backups when exporting new Type Catalogs.



  • View all Type Catalog dependent parameters
  • See the Type Catalog header name
  • Group, Sort, and Filter all parameters with interactive data grid
  • Select any parameters in the order you require
  • Bulk select all required Type Catalog parameters with a single click
  • Works with all Revit approved languages
  • Export basic API data to an Excel document for quick reference
  • Include Nested Families in your Type Catalogs
  • Export a Nested Families Report of all family options per parameter
  • Create timestamped backups when exporting new Type Catalogs

Pro (coming soon)

  • All Standard features plus:
  • Parameter filtering Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced API data
  • See all Shared Parameter Assignments
  • More filtering and sorting options for complex families
  • Export more API family data to Excel 
  • Nested Family Reporter Includes all nested families + Built-In parameter lists with their associated integer value
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