Out-Of-The-Modular-Box Thinking

Geoff is an independent consultant with 25 years of experience in the modular construction industry. He is a highly advanced BIM and volumetric modular construction expert, recognized as a subject matter expert in BIM Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and off-site modular construction. His extensive expertise encompasses architectural design, engineering, building materials manufacturing, modular fabrication, construction, software programming, estimating, procurement, business management, international trade, and professional training.

With work experience in 11 countries, Geoff has a proven track record of delivering business and operational solutions for a wide range of clients, including the USA military, international construction firms, building and machine fabricators, and panelizers. He is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions to meet your project needs for both short-term and long-term contracts.


  • Software – Revit (30,000+ hrs.), AutoCAD (4,000+ hrs.), Advanced Steel (2,000+ hrs.), Navisworks, AGACAD All products, BIM360 Cloud Administrator, Procore Administrator
  • Roles – Served as Owner’s BIM Consultant, Compliance Consultant, BIM Consultant, Software Manager, BIM Construction Consultant, and Fabrication BIM Manager
  • Project Locations – New Zealand, Russia, India, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, USA, Thailand, Turkey, China, and Middle East
  • Autodesk Service Provider
  • Member Autodesk Revit Inside-The-Factory and Beta Tester
  • Certified Professional in Revit for Structural Design (2016)
  • Over 600,000m2 of BIM projects in LOD 350-500
  • Created BIM DfMA systems to produce over 2,500 modular structures



  • Professional Office
  • Retail
  • Mid-Rise & High-Rise
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Religious Centers
  • Educational Facilities


  • Luxury Residential
  • Affordable Housing
  • Multi-Family
  • Condominium
  • Workforce Housing


  • Volumetric Structures
  • Sub-assembly Pods
  • Flat-Pack Assemblies
  • Kit Structures
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Components


  • Military Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Recreational Structures


  • LOD 400-500 documentation for fabrication of structural steel, cold formed steel, wood framing, stairs, connectors, interior finishes, facades, insulated panels, floor and roof trusses, timber, modular structures, and assemblies.
  • BIM to CNC data for robotic assembly, roll forming equipment Howick and FrameCad, 2D planer mill stations, and saw stations in .CSV, .SAT, .STL, .DXF, and .NC file formats.
  • Fabrication design for volumetric modular, flat-pack modular assemblies, component kits, and component parts
  • Dynamic Bill of Materials (BOM) schedules and reports for assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, consumables, structural framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and architectural finishes
  • Creation of multi-station shop drawings, assembly travelers with QC tracking, nesting optimization reports with operator cut lists, QR codes, and heat and lot number tracking systems
  • Nesting reports by module, floor, tower, or structure with material optimization, waste analysis, order reports, cut lists with graphics, compliant to equipment and plant criteria utilizing BIM exported data.


  • Structural Insulated Panels 
  • Injection Moulding
  • Cold Formed Steel (CFS) roll forming
  • CFS truss design and fabrication
  • Structural detailing and fabrication
  • Volumetric Modular Structures 
  • Panelized Assemblies
  • Custom fabricated parts
  • Assembly kits


  • Software development of Revit BIM-to-BOM solution with SQL Server bi-directional data exchange to deliver real-time procurement solutions.
  • Creation of Revit  data container models over 50 000 m2 and unlimited building modules
  • Creation of methods for the multi-interlinking of modular BIM catalogs with over 200 Revit modular interchangeable configurations of chassis, core, and boundary conditions
  • Formation of BOM and data management systems to link Revit components with fabrication data files, weld instructions, lookup table dynamic tagging, and external applications
  • Standardized Revit design work with flexible procurement options by utilizing a Generic Tag system that maps design documentation to any purchased product.
  • Writes C#, SQL Server, Excel VBA and M-Code applications to query pools of BIM data to generate user customized ERP  files, fabrication reports, matrix files, pivot tables, production planning, fabrication analysis, shipping logistics, cut lists, and PDF discipline packages.


  • Model Linking – data and view management, linked model schedules without linking files
  • Material Management – creating materials, material BoM libraries, patterns, custom parameters, and libraries
  • Design Configuration – system families, curtain walls, and parts management
  • Miscellaneous Steel – Stairs and rails, steel connections,
  • Model Interoperability – Navisworks, Robot, Advance Steel, IFC, AutoCad, CadMEP, Solidworks, VR, Twinmotion, and Enscape
  • Workflows – clash detection, design options, sheet sets, LOD stages, phasing
  • MEP Systems – design, configuration, family creation, spool drawings, data collection
  • Shared Parameter – creation, data organization, and modification
  • Coordinate Systems – XYZ model linking, massing, and site
  • View Management – Filters, view templates, selection sets, revisions, legends
  • Design Automation – Dynamo graphs, PropertyWizard, diRoots, Excel, Smart Connections
  • Global Parameters – physical model changes and data management
  • Template Creation – project files, sheets, views, filters, families, schedulesv


  • Family Creation – super families, advanced parametric families with fabrication data, multi-nested families, international families, smart annotations, parametric details
  • Family Type Manager – creator of commercial application for Revit Family Data Management
  • Lookup Tables – any families, nested relational database lookup tables that reside within families
  • Type Catalogs – creation of master catalogs, international catalogs, default type catalogs
  • Connector Families – MEP custom families, structural connections
  • International Families – parameters, languages, metric and imperial, data conversions
  • Family Creation Mastery – reference objects, advanced formulas, multi-nested families, arrays, parameter management, materials, extrusions, adaptive points, smart code compliant families
  • Family Types – ability to generate 1000s of family types and lookup table data within minutes
  • BoM Data Cubes – creation of dynamic data collectors for all components and consumable products that reside within families without the need to model the additional elements
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