Geoff Jennings

Out-Of-The-Modular-Box Thinking

Geoff has invested 25 years in the modular construction industry. During this time, he has been both an employee and business owner in construction companies, 10 years in building materials manufacturing, BIM Design, and distributor of over 40 modular building technologies. He has been hired by the USA military, and international construction firms, building and machine fabricators, and panelizers to create their business and operational solutions.


Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA)

Robotics Programming

Revit Content Creation (Super Families and Templates)

Excel / Power BI Automation Programming

Steel Fabrication, Injection Molding, CNC, Assembly Line Operations

Production Scheduling,  Planning and Procurement

Team Training


Vice-President Texas Steel Framing Alliance (5 years)

Autodesk Revit Inside-The-Factory Member

Work in 4 continents.

Subject Matter Expert for Cold Formed Steel

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