Concrete Wall Reinforcement

BIM software for placing steel reinforcement bars in solid & multi-layer concrete walls in Revit® models

Wall Reinforcement is a feature of our Precast Concrete design software for Revit that lets you create, update and modify reinforcement for solid, double, and sandwich walls in Revit. It recognizes the shape of the wall panel and distributes the main reinforcement and additional reinforcement for the wall perimeter and openings. Using Wall Reinforcement, you can place vertical, horizontal or diagonal rebar, edge reinforcement, and U/O-bar.

Rebar modeled in a wall using AGACAD's Wall Reinforcement Revit plugin

Wall Reinforcement is a feature of our Precast Concrete design software, which now covers modeling and documentation of precast elements, wall reinforcement, column reinforcement and beam reinforcement as well.

       Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2022, 2021, 2020

This feature was developed as part of our Precast Concrete design software for structural engineers and designers who want to place reinforcement in wall system more efficiently in Revit.


  • Create reinforcement for solid or multi-layer walls in Revit based on predefined configurations.

    Create reinforcement of precast concrete solid or multi-layer walls in Revit | AGACAD

  • Various wall perimeter reinforcement options.
Precast wall perimeter reinforcement in Revit
  • Modify reinforcement for selected wall panel.
    Modify reinforcement of prefabricated walls in Revit models | AGACAD
  • Update reinforcement if changes are made.
  • Additional reinforcement on wall edges.
Dowel bars and U bars on the wall edges in Revit
Various additional edge rebar in Revit
  • Door and opening reinforcement.
Door and opening reinforcement in precast walls in Revit
  • Reinforcement of wall corners.
Wall corner rebar in Revit
Wall reinforcement for seismic type of the connection in Revit
Wall corner reinforcement in Revit
Configuration to place corner rebar in Revit
  • Fabric sheets layout
Fabric Area reinforcement in Revit Walls

Save configurations for sharing with colleagues and use in other projects. You can also apply several configurations to the same wall.

Here’s a webinar we hosted showing the BIM workflow to follow when using our Wall Reinforcement plug-in.

Want to see if Wall Reinforcement is what you need? Our professionals are here to help.

Contact us to get a free, live demo to see how the Wall Reinforcement feature works as part of our Precast Concrete application for Revit. And follow it up with a 14-day free trial (no strings attached).

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