Ideal for:
Structural EngineersPainless and efficient roof framing based on architectural roof geometry.
Designers & Manufacturers of Prefabricated and/or Rafter Roofs
Build prefabricated and/or rafter roof frames that accommodate
user/company specific regulations.
ArchitectsMake the real roof design and use it in the model presentation.
Powerful features:

Possibility of instantly creating prefabricated metal frame roof panels and/or rafter systems of any shape or complexity.

Automated modelling of metal roof framing, including joists, battens, bridging, blockings, rims, noggings, and more.

Fully scalable: this software can be used on any structure from simple to complex, including irregular roof shapes.

Framing types are freely linked with roof types.

Complex multi-layer roof framing: an unlimited number of layers can be added.

Automated details on bridgings, blockings, and rim joists.

Sheathing layouts are easily made and split by existing joists.

Generate roofing layouts.

Automatic sorting, tagging, dimensioning, and scheduling (including mass) of all frames and sheathing layouts.

Automatic addition of shop drawing views and schedules to the sheets based on user predefined template.



Easily transfer framing elements between the same groups or identical roof panels. Simply predefine which
elements should be affected: all roof panels from the same model group, from the instance model group, or selected roof panel should be unique in the building.

Update frames according to architectural roof changes.

Align joists across roof segments and between roofs and floors or walls.

Modify Roof frame at any time and supplement it with additional members.

Edit and increase your library with main types of roof framing.

Fully customize all templates and rules. Save framing, sheathing, and shop drawing configurations for your future projects, and share them with your team members.



Architectural roof can be split into prefabricated panels using Roof Panel Layout. It takes an architectural
roof and automates the panel layout process. The software draws symbolic lines according to predefined rules to indicate the future panels. Then it creates real Revit roof panels.

Optional CNC output to joinery machines and multi-panel production lines enable your model data to be automatically exported to manufacturing.

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