Why Metroll?

Metroll is a leading manufacturer and supplier in Australia of steel building products, including roofing, cladding, rainwater, structural, and fencing.

Our CNC Metal Exporter provides two types of exports for Metroll:

Metroll CNC Configuration C+C and Metroll CNC Configuration. These generate TXT extension files for automated Metroll machines. Wall, floor, roof frames, and trusses can be exported using this application. Studs and plates are exported to separate files.

Metroll CNC Configuration C+C and Metroll CNC Configuration use different coding depending on the machine.

Metroll uses a C+U framing system, including C+U Special.

C+U system samples:

C+U Special system samples:

Here’s an example of a wall frame created using AGACAD Metal Framing Wall and then exported to Metroll:

The result with studs can be checked in any text reader:

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