Why Howick?

Howick manufactures precision roll-forming machines and technology for light steel framing. For over 40 years they’ve been designing machines that can now be found in use by construction firms in 75 countries around the world.

Our CNC Metal Exporter provides three types of exports for Howick:

Howick 4200Howick CNC Configuration, and Howick CNC Configuration CSV2. These generate CSV extension files readable by Howick machines for wall, floor, and roof frames as well as trusses.

The difference between the Howick 4200 and Howick CNC Configuration is in the coding. For example, Howick CNC configuration uses the DIMPLE command whereas the 4200 uses the FLANGE1 command. CSV2 utilizes a different coding format that writes the coordinates of beam corners.

Howick uses a C+C framing system, including C+C Chamfered.

C+C system samples:

C+C Chamfered system samples:

Here’s an example of a wall frame created using AGACAD Metal Framing Wall and then exported to Howick:

The result can be checked in any text reader:

This CSV file contains all needed operations and information for cutting.

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