AGACAD Wood Framing Floor Panels

The Ultimate Prefabricated Floor Paneling Software for Revit®

Divide and split the floor into prefabricated wood panels

Floor Panel Layout provides a powerful set of functions for floor panel layout and splitting:

  • Panel Layout Planning includes functions for better understanding how the floor will be divided. Users can control every division line and automate the division process by predefined rules.
  • From the beginning, the architect’s designed floor can be divided into coarse partitions, or Regions. Regions can be created automatically by using Floor edges and supports (split lines), and also by Generic or System Openings with predefined distances:
  • Regions are displayed using symbolic red lines.
  • Regions can be divided into Panels by predefined spacing.
  • Panels can be aligned, modified by selected floor face, and additionally split.
  • Various automated splitting functions facilitate the process: users can split the panels in half, by maximum spacing, by middle to both ends, in middle and to both ends, from first selected, or from both ends.
  • Selected Regions or Panels can be joined, if needed.

Panels are displayed using symbolic blue lines:

  • Creates individual panels for the selected floor face or for the whole floor:
  • These entire floor Panels can later receive more layers of framing finishes and be moved into the new phase through its Properties for better filtering and scheduling.
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