AGACAD Wood Framing Floor Panels

Application for designing wood floor systems in Revit® from model to shop drawings

Wood Framing Floor+ is built to prepare floor framing project, from conceptual design to shop drawings.

  • Quick floor framing development. Wood Framing Floor+ user will be able to quickly create joists, battens, and wood flooring by simply defining the layers in Revit® floor types. Floor+ frames layers of floor type according to predefined configuration.
  • All main frame types. There are all of the most popular framing types available in Floor+ for your comfort. You are free to use rectangular joist or I-joist for the structural floor layer. All types will be adjusted according to floor layer thickness if required.
  • Timber or metal straps and bracings available. All profiles can be changed at the same time or one at a time on designer’s preference.
  • Configure to your own standard. Setup and save your own, custom configurations and standards for different floor framing situations. Defining configurations is very easy, just go through configurations from top to bottom; configuration of your settings will take a minute.
  • Lots of modification capabilities. Users can modify each framing element separately. And there are also lots of different modification capabilities for each element. Users can easily insert additional bridging or blocking to any place.
  • Details on bridging, blocking, and rim joist are available. Floor+ users can automatically insert metal supports, hangers, or support clips. Sample families are included in the software, but users can use their own created families if necessary.
  • Fast documentation. Wood Framing Floor+ quickly and easily makes shop drawings & enables shop drawing template configuration. After floors are framed, your shop drawings are almost prepared. The software will collect all frames from the floor and make an assembly. Such assembly will contain all required views; elements will be dimensioned, sorted, tagged and scheduled. Element mass will be calculated for every assembly element.
  • Automatic sorting and dimensioning. Wood floor frames are automatically dimensioned, tagged and sorted with just one click.
  • Automatic sheet creation. Floor+ can place assembly views and schedules to the sheets according to user’s predefined template for all the floor panels.
  • Easy update of created framing. Select the part you want to edit and press a corresponding function. User friendly UI will guide you through modification process.
  • Configure framing to have bridging, blocking, and rim joist holes for service.
  • Shortcuts enable joist alignment with each other in one or multiple frames and easy selection of preferred elements to quickly jump to their modification, etc.
  • All frames can be exported to any CNC machine if required.
  • Optimized algorithm of program works faster with slower hardware.

Part of the AGACAD Wood Framing Floor, a dynamic set of solutions which leverage the full potential of Revit and the insights of global BIM experts. (Wood Framing Suite is also available for purchase — CONTACT US.)

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