AGACAD Wood Framing Floor Panels

Wood Framing Floor+ helps Revit® users avoid many headaches:

Is there a way to frame floors in the model I’ve got from architect?
Is there a solution for panel house manufacturers?
How to create wooden frames according to my Revit model design?
Will I be able to easily update my framing after I complete my design?
How can I easily adjust frames in my updated model?
Can I add specific frames around floor openings?
How can I easily change connections?
Can I use my own scaling of framing elements?
Can I frame irregular floor shapes?
How can I align frames between two different floor segments?
How to make and calculate sheathing?
How can I sort and schedule all frames from a project?
Is there any way to produce detailed shop drawings of created floor frames?
Am I able to automatically add tag and dimension to my framing?
Can I make templates for shop drawings so I don’t need to go through all the sheets and setting them up individually?

BIM software, the Wood Framing Floor+ allows you to solve all these headaches of Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture / Structure users.

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