Full-Power Wood Truss Creator for Revit®

For Wooden Roof Trusses System Design

Wood Framing Truss+ RT includes:

  • Quick development of a truss system. With configurable 3D truss system grid that is built in Truss+ RT, you can easily make a whole truss system at once. That allows designer to make fast design of common roof systems.
  • Quick preparation of truss documents. Built in Truss+ RT capability to create workshop drawings by selected truss helps designers to forget the worries of document drafting. Using templates it is done in seconds.
  • Truss structural analysis in Revit®. Using Revit extensions, designer can make a quick evaluation of structural truss design straight in Revit.
  • Sorting of truss members. Sort each truss member of your truss and prepare documents for easy and fast manufacturing.
  • Draw your own custom truss. Truss+ RT has a built-in Truss builder which allows user to draw custom truss design and use it in a project.
  • Usage of steel trusses. User can choose either to use timber or steel truss framing. Quickly evaluate the design and economical differences, and choose which system to use.
  • More great time saving features. Modify each your truss at a glance, quickly create views for them, and update the system by roof design changes to keep it up-to-date.
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