Wood Framing Professional Suite Specialty Gallery

Timber Framed Walls, Floor, and Roof

Complex Multi-layer Wood Wall Frame


Different Types of CLT Systems

CLT Panels & Ventilated Facades

Insulated CLT Roof and Wall Panels

Cross-Laminated Timber Wall

Wood Framing Cross-laminated timber wall

Heavy-timber Frame

Wood Framing Heavy-timber frame

Column-Girder Connection / Masive Truss Connections

Girder-Girder Connections

Truss Frames


Frame with structural insulated panels (SIPs)

Frame with SIPs | Wood Framing

Frame with structural insulated panels (SIPs) and other layers (Secondary Frame, Nailers, Sidings, Battens, Roofing etc.)

Frame with SIPs and other layers | Wood Framing

SIP Panels

Wood Framing SIP panels

Building structure: SIPs only

Wood Framing Building structure SIPs only
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