AGACAD Smart Assemblies

Got any questions like these?

How can I easily prepare shop drawings?
Do I need to add dimensions on every element face manually?
Do I need to add dimensions on every rebar, hosted or nested element manually?
How can I predefine the order of dimension chains in the view?
How can I predefine and save dimension chains for the future projects?
Do I need to write dimension notes manually?
How can I predefine view templates, schedule templates, and title blocks for future assemblies?
Do I have to manually create all assembly sheets?
How can I put assembly views in the same place on all sheets?
If there are changes in the model, is there a way to automatically update my existing assemblies?
Can I share shop drawing configurations with my colleagues?

Then Smart Assemblies is for you.

Smart Assemblies BIM Solution solves one of the core problems routinely faced by Revit users: balancing designing and detailing work. This tool lets designers avoid the long working hours required to make detail drawings since it automatically creates quality shop drawings by your predefined rules and updates them if changes are made to the project. Smart Assemblies gives structural engineers, drafters, fabricators, and architects an opportunity to effectively distribute the time required to prepare a project, letting designers focus on actual designing and decision-making, rather than working on detailing and correcting shop drawings manually.

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