Toolbox for Wall and Join Management

Smart Walls is a powerful tool for managing walls in Autodesk® Revit®.

  • Manage information of all walls in your project.
  • Export filtered, grouped, or selected information (wall parameters) to Excel.
  • Decompose wall layers into separate wall types according to user’s predefined configuration.
  • Fully control joins and gap distances between walls.
  • Insert gravity points.
  • Add additional information about real wall orientation, elevation, or coordinates.
  • Split walls at exact locations by using grid lines, openings, or other walls.
  • Split walls automatically by predefined panel size.

Review wall information, copy parameter values, calculate elevations, export information to Excel, or find and select walls through wall browser window:

Decompose wall layers into separate wall types by user-defined configuration:

Use different options from the Split Walls menu to auto-split walls by using predefined panel size settings, or split in exact locations by using grid lines, openings, or other walls:

Split curved walls using defined rules:


Fully control joins and gap distances between walls:

Insert gravity points:

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