AGACAD T4R Smart Select Free

Free Multi-Element Auto-Selection Tool

Automatically selects elements in Revit project by user predefined configuration:

  • Elements can be selected by category, family or type in any room or space:

A – Furniture category
B – One of the furniture families
C – One of the furniture family types

  • Pipe or duct network, from user chosen duct or pipe, can be easily selected with or without equipment, or only the equipment:

Selected duct downstream from user chosen duct:

A – Selected categories with equipment
B – Selected categories without equipment
C – Selected only equipment categories

  • Has an ability to select elements by user configured filter parameters where the elements are conveniently grouped in a tree:

Third level window family “Single 1” was selected in the project:

  • User defined filter configurations can be conveniently saved and used in different projects later.
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