AGACAD T4R Excel2Revit

Import Excel® to Revit® tool that keeps project data synced


Excel2R significantly speeds up the project documentation process in Revit.

  • Creates and updates tables in Revit according to the selected table settings
    • Preserves the following MS Excel formatting styles:
      • Cell width, height
      • Text size per cell
      • Text font per cell
      • Text style per cell (bold, italic, underline)
      • Text alignment within cell (left, center, right, top, middle, bottom)
      • Merged cells
      • Three cell border line thicknesses: thin, medium, wide
  • Opt to use Revit text fonts or those chosen in Excel
  • Maintains link between the Excel spreadsheet and Revit table for syncing
  • Imported Excel file is stored in your Revit project
  • Option to map text and line styles between Excel and Revit
  • Possible to update Excel data.
  • Notifies you if the Excel file is modified and will be updated in Revit project
  • Notifies you if the original Excel file was deleted or moved to other place

Preserves MS Excel formatting: cell width/height, font size/style per cell, cell alignment, merged cells

Gives you the option of mapping Text and Line Styles between MS Excel and your Revit project.

Informs you when the MS Excel file was modified and will be updated in Revit project.

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