AGACAD MEP Solutions Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers helps Revit® users save time

Autodesk Revit MEP users spend a lot of their time distributing sprinkler elements in the spaces. The distribution is not the main problem for designers – the main thing is connecting and routing the sprinkler elements into one fire protection system. There are many different ways to connect sprinklers into a system using one or two pipes for pendant and upright sprinklers. One more problem for fire protection system designers are different standards for different locations. Autodesk Revit does not have the possibility to change the standards according to the calculations used for sizing.

Fire Sprinklers helps Revit® users avoid headaches like:

Inserting sprinklers manually takes a lot of time. How to do it quicker?
Creating 3D piping for your sprinkler designs is killing my productivity. Is there a better way to do this?
Is there a possibility to use pipe routing standards as ISO?

Fire Sprinklers solution provides the answers to all above mentioned problems.

This application for Revit has integrated distribution solution under predefined rules where you can define not just element placement elevation or distances between the elements but also the distances to walls, offsets and much more. Routing preferences are integrated into the solution and has the most popular connection types for pendant and upright sprinklers.

The solution automatically inserts all required predefined parts for fire protection system. Fire Sprinklers has integrated calculations for pipe sizes. You could choose the calculations from ISO, NFPA and AS standards. This BIM solution has integrated interference check for fire protection system.

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