CNC EasyFrame EZF

Overview Features Overview Export of wooden wall, floor, roof frames from Revit® to EasyFrame® machine Why EASYFRAME? The EasyFrame saw from EstiFrame Technologies is automated marking and cutting system for all wall, floor, roof framing members, and can be used as a general, linear saw. From the software’s cutting-edge algorithms to the hardware’s expandable modularity, EasyFrame has been designed …

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CNC Hundegger BVX

Overview Overview Direct export of wooden wall, floor, and roof frames, and trusses from Revit® to Hundegger® CNC machines   Why Hundegger? For quite a few years already, Hundegger has been a market leader in the field of CNC joinery machines with a market share of more than 90%. Its universal, flexible machines are in …

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CNC Exporter Wood

Applications for exporting multi-layered frames of timber walls, floors, roof panels, and trusses
From Autodesk® Revit® to automated production lines.
AGACAD CNC Exporters automatically assemble all framing members per user definitions and send all necessary data to various CNC machines and CAD/CAM production lines for flexible manufacturing of wood houses.

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