Metal Framing Floor+ helps Revit® users avoid headaches such as:
  1. Is there a way to frame floors in the model I’ve got from architect?
  2. How can I create light gauge metal framing according to my Revit model design?
  3. Will I be able to easily update my steel framing after I complete my design?
  4. How can I easily adjust frames in my updated model?
  5. How can I change connections easily?
  6. Can I use my own sizing of framing elements?
  7. Can I frame irregular shapes of floor?
  8. How to align frames between two different floor segments?
  9. How to align frames between floor and wall segments?
  10. How can I sort and schedule all frames from a project?
  11. Is there any way to produce detailed shop drawings of created metal floor frames?
  12. Am I able to automatically add tag and dimension to my framing?
  13. Can I make templates for shop drawings, so I do not need to go through all the sheets and setup them individually?

BIM software the Metal Framing Floor+ allows you to solve all these headaches of Autodesk® Revit® Architecture / Structure users.

In every Revit project we have to model a lot of elements with different properties and arrange them in logical way, so we go through many commands to achieve our goals. But it takes a lot of time going through many views to create Revit elements, to create Revit families, to format our schedules, and to create our drawings.

Metal Framing Floor+ solution makes this whole process much faster, by automatically arranging floor framing elements according to defined parameters, inserting joints, other horizontal members, automatic framing of openings, sorting, and shop drawing generation.

After modelling, you can even export your model data to CNC machines for manufacturing. This is an amazing improvement of our work.

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