AGACAD CNC Metal Exporter Scottsdale

Wood Framing CNC Metal Exporter Scottsdale Equipment

Generate machine CNC export files to automate the fabrication of metal framing materials.

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Select your License Type and Term.  A Network (NLM) allows you to share license seats with others in your network.

New licenses require a one-time CNC customization fee.

Direct export of metal multi-layer wall, floor, and roof frames & trusses from Revit®

AGACAD CNC Metal Exporter provides one type of export for Scottsdale:

ScotSim. This generates TXT extension files readable by automated Scottsdale machines. Wall, floor, and roof frames and trusses are easy to export using our CNC Metal Exporter app.

The Scottsdale CNC Exporter has to be used with AGACAD’s Metal Framing Suite, which creates the framing elements with all the necessary geometry and information data inside the Revit project. The Exporter converts that data into a CNC-machine-readable format. This file can be opened and viewed using a viewer and later pushed to a production line.

License Status

New License, Renewal License

License Type

Network (NLM), Stand-alone (SLM)

License Term

1 year, 3 year


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