Metal Framing Partitions

Framed Partitions makes it quick and easy to design various types of partition walls or ceilings in Revit®. The flexibility of the software allows users to create partitions of glass, plasterboard or any other material and frame those with customizable profiles according to user-defined rules. That ensures you’ll get accurate bills of materials, builders work drawings and on-site assembly thanks to BIM-to-Field features.

Metal Framing Roofs

Metal Framing Roof lets Revit® users instantly create metal truss and/or rafter systems of any shape or complexity, perform structural analysis, and generate custom shop drawings. It gives a powerful boost to your BIM workflow. Functions are versatile, parameters easy to control, and changes occur in real time. No more drafting – just design and decide, knowing you’ll get a high-quality model.

Metal Framing Floors

Metal Framing Floor makes metal framing of floors fast and easy with real-time full project updates in Revit®. Plus it generates views with automatic dimensions for floor panels or segments as well as accurate bills of materials and shop drawings. So quality production and accurate assembly on site are ensured.

Cut Opening

AGACAD Cut Opening is used to generate and control opening elements in Revit® models. Openings can be created where ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, beams or columns. This advanced BIM solution can create modified openings with holding details for structural beams. You get much faster design and drawings and increased precision to ensure accurate bills of materials and builders work.

Smart Connections

AGACAD Smart Connections instantly adds any number of face-based Revit families – which adapt to host-element changes – throughout BIM models. Easily set up rules to insert or adjust details based on gravity point, depth, adjacent elements, and more.
It saves many hours per project, especially for structural engineers.

Smart Assemblies

AGACAD Smart Assemblies speeds up production of assembly documentation in Revit®. This plugin creates selected views, rules-based dimensions, and assembly sheets you need for combinations of structural and architectural elements.

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